A Tale of Little Berry Forest 1 : Stone of magic oyunu

Cover art

A Tale of Little Berry Forest

– Introduction of the game –

* 100% handmade fast paced game *

All image work in this forest game is not computer graphics work.
We used oil pastels to draw one by one with hands in this fairy tale!

* A little slow, simple but warm emotional healing game

Among Fairy tale games exciting and fast-paced games,
Discover the small charms that are slowly flowing.
Pictures and music seem like fairy tales.
Meet stories of individual characters
Feels the game’s generous mind to share a small but many things.

* A delicious game where you can feel the warmth *

Meet fun mini-games and cute dishes & recipe book
We created the game by care, you can feel the warmth like homemade cooking

○ 3 hours of play time in this farming game
○ Optimized for 16: 9 screen
○ Support for Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish
○ No ads or in-app purchases
○ Beautiful scenery
○ Cute characters in this farm game
○ Colorful pictures and graphics of green forest
○ Delicate game
○ Forest map that can help to navigate



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