Astracraft oyunu

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——[All new version on May 14, Mechanized Breakthrough!]——Danger lurks around every corner. Party Paradise is in danger of collapse! Your life depends on instantaneous decisions between the trials of traps and flanking enemies! The assault will be relentless, but it’s possible to make a glorious breakthrough by transforming ARMS into a mecha with Dual-mode Device! Are you ready? Gather your mechanized forces! Pacify this place if you have what it takes!

Mechas, standing tall!
Dual-mode Device—An unrivalled creation in Gaia Galaxy. Turn into the second form between the gunfire! The perfect fusion of Mechacrus and Turbo Wheel has brought ARMS both high speeds and agile movements. Transform seamlessly between moving and staying still. Let the mechanical skeleton expand and stand! One small step for an ARMS…one giant leap for the space station!

Hyperspace arms evolution!
You need everything you can get to survive the threat of both traps and surrounding enemies. Chrono Tracers, Hover Bullets, and Flashbangs will take you into the Hyperspace Age! Turn into a chrono assassin, use quantum leaps to go through time, and throw yourself into the trials of traps! Flashbangs cause blindness. Use them to catch your enemies off guard and turn the tide of battle! When you’re out of options, Hover Bullets can stop enemies in their tracks. Blow them to smithereens as they levitate into the air!

The intense Storm Trial awaits!
Beware! Death is hidden in every corner of the out-of-control Party Paradise! Explosives, flamethrowers, ground spikes, rolling logs and boulders…You need to find the only way to survive through this intense trial! Tired of the same trial levels over and over? You can become a creator. Place or even design unique trigger traps as much as you desire. Let it be a challenge! Adventure, excitement, suspense…Make it a surprise for your prey!

Force your way through a flanking maneuver!
This is not your fight alone! You will be facing enemy attacks all over the place. How do you break out of the encirclement and traps? Go full power and rush through it! Use traps and explosives to your advantage, get out of this encirclement, and become the one mecha who could conquer this place!

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[Reinstall Present]
Event Time: Apr 23, 10:00 — Aug 12, 22:00
The new game mode will require a game engine update. Players can receive 200 Sourcestones in game upon reinstalling the game to the newest version! It would not be possible to experience the new game mode without this update. Thank you for your support and understanding!

[Latest Information]
1、Sniper Cannon Skin “Operation Headhunt” will be added to the Prize Pool rotation in Supply Satellite’s Module Fragment Shop.

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