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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is a farm simulator game that you can play online with friends, family, and farmers around the world. Build your own community and have fun creating ? the farm life of your dreams. ?

? Farm with friends: Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is a farming simulator online game that lets you join up with your friends and create a beautiful farm village of your very own.

? Farming simulator experience: Build your farm and plant, grow and harvest your favorite fruits ?and vegetables ?.

? All done with your farm chores? Time to look after your animal friends: A good farmer keeps their four-legged friends happy. Have fun caring for ? cows,? goats,? chickens,? horses,? pigs, and many other cuddly companions.

? Farm, harvest, and trade: Did you harvest extra ? corn but need some ? strawberries? In the market, you can make trades to help your farming village prosper.

?‍?‍?More than a farming simulator game – it’s a community: Meet, chat, discuss, and complete joint quests with farmers worldwide.

? Build the number one farm: Starting with nothing but raw seeds, you’ll use all your farming skills to grow your crops until they’re ready to be sold at the market.

? Farm your way: Grow hay on your farm. Harvest organic foods and farm-fresh goods, all from your farm village.

? Build your dream farm: Add vintage buildings, windmills, and decorations to create the farm of your dreams.

? Plenty of options: Choose what you want to grow! From tropical fruits to organic vegetables, your farm village is sure to set new trends at the market.

? Manage your farm village: Distribute your crops after each planting cycle, sow seeds, water your plants, feed your animals, make clever deals in the farm marketplace, and collect rewards.

?️ Farming adventures: Participate in events and farming quests to find missing items that will improve your farm.

? Relax on your farm: Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy life on your very own farm! Take a break and enjoy some sun ? and relaxation.

? Farming with your family: Invite your family and enjoy farming together in the peaceful countryside.

? Learn from farmers worldwide: Join the Big Farm community and meet farmers from all over the world. Learn about their farming methods to keep your farm village prosperous.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest game is completely free to play with optional in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. This game requires an internet connection. Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Imprint:

Howdy farmers,

With this update, we make your Big Farm life a bit better!

* New Event – Enjoy the Tree of Life Event. Fulfill various quests & earn great rewards
* Bestseller Shop – Discover premium acres and meadows in the bestseller shop
* Animations – Enjoy cute animations for the animals on the adventure farms

Farmers, make sure to follow our official Facebook to stay up to date:

Happy farming!

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