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Black Border is a border cop simulator game 🛂 that simulated the life of a real border patrol officer 👮. In this game, you play as a border officer of the border cross entry and exit gates, who supposed to check the passengers’ papers and stop the smuggling of illegal items and bribery.

As a border officer 👮, you have to check entrants’ papers and use all of your objects and tools to arresting people like terrorists, wanted criminals, smugglers, and passengers with forged or stolen documents.

The Main Mission Is: STOP CRIME 👮👮

Black border game is a police simulator that turns you into a cop officer who serves the nation by stopping unethical acts. You can become an patrol officer to identify smuggler and other criminals. Meanwhile, attest the papers of innocent people and let them go.

This new border cop simulator game has intuitive controls of graphics, volume, and speed. However, you can play this border control game in different languages such as English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Polish etc.

Border officer duty is to perform like the security of border force and control transportation of prohibited items like weapons, antiques, toxic, narcotics, illegal medicine and other illegal items. Black Border Simulator Game is a great combination of papers grade please games, border police force games, border patrol games and other best cop simulator games.

Black border character design feature is a brand new feature in this patrol police game that allows you to create and customize your own character by choosing various hairstyles, clothes, sunglasses, and more. You can also share your customized character and background on social media.

The followings are some items that the border officer (you) is supposed to check carefully and prevent illegal border crossing of passengers:

✅ Check the full name of each passenger to be the same in all the papers.
✅ Check The weight and height of the passengers
✅ Check the expiry date of their passport and other papers.
✅ Frisk passengers for weapons, illegal items, chips,… and preventing their entrance to the country.
✅ Check passengers’ faces to be the same as photos in their documents.
✅ Arrest suspicious passengers

Black Border Game Functions:

This border simulator game has plenty of functions that keep your interest alive forever. Some of them are:
✨ Casual and story modes
✨ New stories continuously getting added.
✨ Multiple endings
✨ Endless mode (Soon)
✨ Family cost management
✨ Opposition Groups Communication
✨ Support multiple languages
✨ Graphic quality from low to high
✨ SFX volume and music volume controls
✨ Message speed variant from very slow to very fast
✨ New game modes continuously getting added.
✨ Character design (Wide range of customization options)

Black Border Game Features:

👉🏻 User-friendly and dynamic interface
👉🏻 Beautiful graphics with addicting mechanics
👉🏻 Many stories with lots of adventure
👉🏻 Variables for graphics, volume and speed
👉🏻 Character creator options

Play border police simulation games to experience a new touch in your gaming life! 👮

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