DragonBox Big Numbers oyunu

Put your child in charge of building a wonderful world for the Nooms.

Learn how big numbers work through play and exploration.

Learn to perform long additions and subtractions.

Grow, gather and trade resources to unlock new worlds, and build houses, and shops.

***Perfect for kids between 6 and 9, or kids who have mastered DragonBox Numbers***

– An innovative interface that makes solving long additions and subtractions easy
– An infinite amount of additions and subtractions to solve.
– Over 10 hours of engaging gameplay
– No reading required
– 6 worlds to explore
– Learn to count in different languages
– 10 Different resources to collect and trade
– 4 Noom houses to furnish and decorate
– No third-party advertising
– No in-app purchases

DragonBox Big Numbers is based on the same pedagogical principles as the other games in the award-winning DragonBox series, and works by integrating the learning seamlessly into the gameplay, no quizzes or mindless repetitions. Every interaction in DragonBox Big Numbers is designed to heighten your child’s understanding of mathematics while motivating them to keep learning through play and exploration.

This release improves the general stability of the game, adds 64 bits support and updates translations.

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