Dungeon Life oyunu

Cover art

Dungeon Life features an infinite progression system similar to the casual/idle game genre in which the player will always be able to continue to find more and more loot and gold.
As the game progresses players will unlock and be given a multitude of different things to spend their gold and loot on, whether that be new skills, upgrading weapons/armor or investing in shops in town for better deals.

All the glory in the world can be just one floor deeper, time to delve into the great dungeon and claim your own!

Post-Release patch notes:
– Fixed citizen issue causing them not to gen on proper floors, causing a loss or gain of them at random.
– Added “Compensation” method that will reward those who have lost citizens due to this issue. If you gained citizens from this issue however you’re citizen count will stay the same, no reset!
– UI tweaks on Skill crafting, Item Upgrading, Citizen Tax, Building Selector, & End floor loot screens

And much more!

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