Dungeon999 oyunu

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Explore the dungeon with 999 floors full of various slimes with a wandering warrior Jack, the Black Hair, and a magician Rose. Train your characters, discover new magic, and utilize numerous items to get to the 999th floor and find out the cause of slime’s rebellion!

– Cheaper than a Mcdouble cheeseburger!.
– Dungeon that seems to go on forever but eventually has an ending!
– A unique storytelling of a One man army, full of old jokes likely to appear in 90s TV show!
– Various casting with wonderful effects, which you can advance additionally!
– Strategic fun of finding a proper attack method for each slime!
– Ambiguity that promotes a sense of expectancy for the following sequel.
– If you read it all the way down to this line, why don’t you try it yourself??
– 10 Crystals are provided to all users from the beginning of the game!
* CAUTION If you delete the application, the data in it will be deleted as well.

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+1.48 Update!!
– bug fixed about 111F with ending users

+1.46 Update!!
– Infinite mode for clear users.(999F)
– Gift and benefit for ending.
– Fast play mode(speed x 3) for after 999F.
– Increase of bonus coin amounts(5 times)
– Optimization.

+ Emergency patch.
– Bug fix about spell change
– Bug fix about Jack’s combat book

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