Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak oyunu

Cover art

Character/Monster Design:Yoshitaka Amano
Theme Song:LUNA SEA
In-game Sound:MONACA
Introducing our huge “Japanese” MMORPG, featuring a team of renowned Japanese creators!

[b]Unlimited strategies with “Jobs” x “Attributes”![/b]
Multiple “Attributes” within a single job! Discover your skills and find your own unique battle style!

[b]Take on the “dungeon” with your trusted allies![/b]
The role of each job is important! Work with your party to defeat the mighty enemy!

[b]Up to 200 players can play against each other at the same time⁉ Let’s win the “Siege”![/b]
Create your own “Legion” with your allies, and aim for the top with your own hands!

[b]Explore a world of beautiful graphics![/b]
Day and night and weather change with time! Travel freely through a changing world!

[b]Create your own equipment with “Expertise”![/b]
Create various items and equipment with “Expertise”! Enjoy your own original equipment!


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