Evo Pop oyunu

Take control of Evos — colorful creatures that live in a colony and are able to grow and multiply extremely fast. Big Evos eat smaller Evos of another breed. Dominate the area by either eating all rivals or creating the most Evos!

– Fight against MULTIPLE ENEMIES: A three-way brawl for you to come on top of!
– Enjoy a FUN PHYSICS-BASED GAMEPLAY: Control the creatures by using different spells on them.
– UPGRADE & EVOLVE: Each Evo breed has unique skills, such as jumping or sliding downhill. These properties can be upgraded to make your Evos even stronger.
– PLAN A STRATEGY: Evos interact with the environment and eat grass, flowers and bugs to multiply faster. Fight for strategic resources on the map to win!
– Discover DOZENS OF WORLDS: Evo Pop features multiple worlds with unique design elements and physics, making the gameplay fresh every time.

Get ready to POP OFF and have FUN!

We are celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Evo Pop! Come and join us!

– The Cactus Evo is here! A new Absolute Evo that shrinks enemies it hits with its spikes. Get the new Evo as a reward from the Evo Pass chests or in the shop.
– Anniversary Championship event – get the best rewards by fighting to the top!
– Enjoy special offers with great discounts during the celebration!

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