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Feeling nostalgic for puzzle adventure games? Jump down to Full Pipe for a mind-bending adventure quest with a range of complementary brain-teasers and arcade games.

Once upon a time an odd character we’d rather call Dude found a hatch beneath his bed. And what seemed like an ordinary morning turned into the strangest puzzle adventure in his life. Follow Dude in this absolutely inconceivable brain-teaser for true fans of point and click adventure games. Discover a secret world with a cast of quirky dwellers.

Features of this adventure quest:
* A classic video game brought to mobile with new features introduced
* 50 unique characters – head-feet, single-eyed, ear-winged and long-necked, but still so cute and naive
* A wonderful and shocking video game for those who prefer mid-core games with a good deal of thought and humor
* 6+ hours in this obscure world with hidden threats and moments of pure joy
* 38 gorgeous locations that create the atmosphere of an adventure game.
* 8 original swiping and tapping arcade games
* Advanced hint system to let you make it through the most tricky game twists

Nowadays is the time when adventure quests get a second life on smartphones and tablets. Full Pipe is one of those hit point and click adventure games which well fits the purpose. Like other elaborated touch-friendly games, this quest gives players the full swing of tapping, swiping, climbing, jumping and whatever else you expect from a fun puzzle adventure game. It also stands to reason that the mobile version of Full Pipe features a range of enhancements, including advanced step-by-step hints system. While smart puzzles will make you squeeze the best of your logic skills and encourage you to think outside the box, this smart game walkthrough lets you enjoy the challenge and never leaves you in a dead end.

So, if you long for top-notch point and click adventure games, don’t miss this comic adventure quest. Explore a crazy underground universe full of pipes, hatches, secret passages and traps. Find and apply stuff, search for hides and earn various achievements. Take advantage of the integrated Full Pipe walkthrough in this new installment to one of the best adventure games.

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Bug fixes and enhanced game performance.

We strive for constant improvement, so never hesitate to share your feedback. Thank you playing Full Pipe!

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