Gun Tactics oyunu

Cover art

◆ Google Indie Games Festival 2021 TOP 20 (Korea) Selection
“Gun Tactics” is a simple rule tactics card game that moves character cards with strategic play. (Playable in Offline, Airplane mode)

Attack enemies and barricades with weapons, character’s Health, and bombs, and collect points by collecting gold while recovering character’s health with Med Kits. You can acquire new stages and characters by increasing the number of points while earning supply cards. You can also unlock characters’ abilities and new skill cards with gold from stages.

You can challenge stages with 16 characters of unique abilities. They are Citizen, Marine, Fighter, Mercenary, Sniper, Major, Special Agent, Police, Medic, School girl, Traveler, Platoon leader, Conductor, Bomb Agent, Special Police and Maid.

Gameplay with a mix of Roguelike elements provides new stages and new experiences each time.

Game Features

– Playable in Offline, Airplane mode
– Fast game progress! Counter-Attack, Dodge and Critical Attack!
– Simple one-handed control and strategic play
– 16 characters of unique abilities
– Various 17 Stages (2×3, 3×3, 4×3)
– 50+ Zombies and various cards
– Enhance your character by 12 ability level up
– Various weapons and trophies
– Various powerful 36 supply cards
– 2D cartoon style graphic
– Language supported : English, Korean, Japanese

– Add 1 character (Maid)
– Add 3 stages
– Add 3 bosses, 1 zombie
– Fix Supply MaxHealth+ (Max 2 times)
– Add 1 ability, 3 trophies
– Add character emoticons
– Adjust balance of game

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