Kingdom Guard oyunu

Cover art

Titan has invaded our kingdom, and our guardian dragons have all but disappeared.

Finally, you discovered the fabled, last dragon egg, just as Titan descends upon you with his dark legions.

Come train and merge your soldiers, and protect the dragon egg to save the world!

1. Merge to upgrade
A brand new way of upgrading that doesn’t involve boring city building and troop production. Now you have total control over your units! Merge two units of the same level and type to create a higher level unit!

2. Tower Defense
Train and merge your soldiers to defend against the enemy. Different defense formations will always yield distinct and surprising results!

3. Strategy Sandbox Game
Join an alliance, take over the dark throne, revive the guardian dragon, and achieve glory in this brutal world. Let your name live by becoming the ultimate ruler of the new age!

1. Fixed the problem of misaligned castle models
2. Fixed the problem of incorrectly indicating that the distance to allies is too far when starting a rally
3. Fixed the problem that the battle report might cause jamming
4. Fixed the problem that some interface text is out of range or garbled
5. Fixed some other problems

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