Little Berry Forest 2 : Stars oyunu

Cover art

A Tale of Little Berry Forest is back

There is a cafe and a village in the forest
Greet customers in the cafe and serve delicious dishes

And what story will unfold in the forest this time?
A warm and exciting story comes to you

There are also many new ingredients
Over 100 new foods are also available

Buy decorations for your cafe
Serve delicious teas and bread for your guests
Find the favorite dishes of the forest residents

A pretty cafe made of wood among the green forest
And fantastic story will make you happy

We invite you to A Tale of Little Berry Forest 2

◈ 100% handmade art ◈
◈ Healing game with warm emotions ◈
◈ Single game to enjoy without competition ◈
◈ Story game with an emotional ending ◈
◈ No need to play previous games ◈


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Game Engine Updated

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