Little Panda’s Shopping Mall oyunu

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There is a new shopping mall at Little Panda’s town! Clothing shops, music restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, ice cream shops, toy stores…All kinds of shops are available. Come and have a look!

There are so many items in the supermarket: Fruits, pastries, daily necessities…The candies are on sale. Let’s get some! Remember to weigh the candies before checking out!

There are new arrivals at the clothing shop! Princess dresses, sun hats, chain bags…Which one do you like? Let’s try them all! If you’re tired from shopping, have a rest on the sofa!

The unicorn dolls in the toy store are so cute. There are also basketball and all kinds of cars that boys like. By the way, you can have fun with the slide and swing in the toy store.

Come to the music restaurant for dinner and order grilled chicken! How can we skip desserts after dinner? Go to the ice cream shop and make ice cream of your own!

Come visit the town’s shopping mall and have a wonderful shopping time! The hanging garden is open now. There are also a flower room, photo studio, and entertainment area available for you to enjoy!

– 4 floors and 8 shopping areas to explore.
– 14 characters and 4 pets to go shopping with you.
– 37 kinds of clothing and accessories: Sunglasses, princess dresses, rainbow bags, and more.
– Over 50 kinds of delicious food: Sandwiches, grilled chicken, ice cream, cake rolls, kebabs, and more.
– Over 20 kinds of daily necessities: Toothbrushes, refrigerators, ovens, drink vending machines, and more.

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New store:
Toy store is coming to the shopping mall! Do you want to dress up a doll of your own? Do you want to play the role of a driver and drive the little train? Do you want to own all kinds of toys such as cars, basketballs, and building blocks? Come to explore the toy store!

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