Luna Re : Dimensional Watcher oyunu

Cover art

[Luna Expedition]’s Great Dimensional Rift Adventure

– This is a ‘Collectible RPG’ taking place in a location called the Stonia continent. After the Dimensional Rift, desperate battle between Humans and monsters from the world began.

– You must stop Peter’s plan to engulf the world with darkness.

– Create a party with various companions to explore the enormous map and obtain powerful Equipment to become stronger.

– We introduced a Crossroads system to this game allowing users to have a high degree of freedom. This allows the user to proceed in their desired direction to explore every nook and cranny of the enormous World Map.

– Addition of Hero Summon Ticket Alchemy
– User level up to 100 -> 200
– Added up to 20 growth passes
– Added automatic dungeon progress
– Add card
– Added clear time indication to result window
– Fixed a bug that did not add to the Encyclopedia when changing to a mercenary job

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