Mad GunZ – Battle royale & shooting games oyunu

Looking for a great online shooter with cool graphics and the variety of modes including battle royale? Here is Mad Gunz – pixel shooter!

Imagine this: you wake up, feed your kitty, and then — all hell breaks loose! Where is Mr. Fluffy now and… is that an armored turkey? Uh, what’s going here, why do unicorns appear? Well, find out in this adventurous thing in pixel games online & battle royale games genres!

Mad Gunz is everything you love in online shooter games & pixel games! Strange but cute graphics, awesome atmosphere and totally mad guns! Just take up your weird gun and battle!

MAD GUNZ features:

– Far from realistic, but SUPER beautiful pixel games graphics!
Take a look at this pixel shooter 3d and you’ll fall in love with its nice looking art!

– Incredible guns! Beat your rivals with a handbag with a dog in it or use a magic wand! Throw explosive hamsters or just shoot with a…CAT FUR!

– Enemies from the best of online games including zombies, crazy chickens, octopus and more!

– Plus! You can see your FEET here!

Mad GunZ has more features which differ it from other shooting games. If you’re tired of playing classic pixel games, try Mad GunZ!

It’s not just another of those shooting games online, buddy. We think you’ll love it because Mad GunZ has:

– Easy controls

– Unique maps with easter eggs from your favorite movies & games

– Dynamic battles, wild enemies and total mayhem

– Battle Royale! Show your skills and become the last one standing! In our Battle Royale you will enjoy a HUGE map, unusual system of gun & armor crafting!

– Crafting mode! Build your map, create items for it, make it unique!

Don’t think of tactics like in different shooting games online. Just shoot your rivals with a banana gun or slap them with a handbag!
Team up, choose your rivals and dominate the battleground! Build in Battle Royale mode or create your own map.

Feel the rush of great gaming online!

Terms of Service:

– VIP system adjustments: changed to subscription access
– Fixed bug with inability to move, delete or rotate objects in building mode
– Rebalancing, bug fixes
– General performance improvements

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