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Math games for the whole family – Multiplication and division table, addition and subtraction of numbers.

– Addition
– Subtraction
– Multiplication
– Division

You choose one of the available sections and, with tips, consolidate the knowledge gained.

You can customize the question ranges and additional settings yourself.

Within the allotted time, your task is to answer 30 questions.
To pass the exam successfully, you need to answer correctly 24/30 (80%) questions.

Studying mathematics according to the level system, where each next level is more difficult than the previous one.

On Timer
Game for the best result. The task is to answer more questions correctly in one minute.

Each time you complete the test, you will have access to the entire list of questions to which you answered incorrectly.
This will help you improve your results next time.
Playing our game every day, you will be able to solve complex examples on multiplication, division, addition and subtraction in the mind.

Learn multiplication and division by playing our Android app!
In the learning mode, children can easily and quickly learn the multiplication table.
And in the exam mode, they will be able to consolidate their knowledge.

Learn, repeat and play, and most importantly, get great grades!😉

# Optimized
# Bugs fixed

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