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A human princess falls in love with an elf prince from fairy tale world. Soon after they fall in love, the princess give birth to a baby! When the King found out, he took away the princess. The elf prince starts his journey to save the the human princess. The task of looking after their baby is given to the elves in the Merge elf garden. This will be the very first time for elves to take care of a baby. To feed the baby well, elves need to unlock and explore the fairy garden. Would you like to look after the baby with them?

The fairy garden is completely blocked by the fog, evolve the elves to dispel the fog and use magic to heal the land. Drag the elves to merge more advanced magic elves to bring the garden full of life. Combine magic items to unlock more evolutionary forms of elves. Solve level puzzles, more than a hundred puzzles, explore the treasures behind the fog, and find other partners in the sea.

Game features:
*Baby Raising
Collecting stars, exchange toys for the baby, and play with him;
Complete the levels, collect fragments of the pictures to synthesize photos. The photos shows every moment of you and the baby;
Dress up cute baby with beautiful clothes.

*Wonderful Elves
Wake up the elves in the garden, hatch elf eggs, merge elves to awaken evolution;
The elves will keep working in the garden. They use magic to make the garden full of life.

*Magic merge
Unlock various items and merge them to upgrade the items into advanced level;
By moving and organizing these items, you will find some interesting synthesis rules. Let your garden have more beautiful buildings!

* Various missions and activities
There are daily missions to be completed and you can collect gold coins and resources from the missions. With the coins and resources, you can unlock the elf garden, and raise the baby.
Complete missions, collect stars, use them to open the treasure box. You will find better rewards with advanced treasure box.

*Challenging levels
You will have time to challenge the levels while the elves are sleeping. You can obtain more construction resources by repairing mermaid sculptures in each level;
Advanced levels will challenge your brainpower and reaction speed, and you can win a super gift box by completing the challenge levels;

Download Merge Tales now and build your wonderful world with baby!

New version update:
The Daily Trade return after repairing, bringing a more concise and comfortable interface;
Optimize the game effect and make the experience more smooth.

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