MinionSlayer: Growth Defense oyunu

Cover art

Minionslayer is Growth defense game of another genre, added with tower defense, RPG action and strategy.

Minionslayer is not just easy game that stimulates desire of challenge.
We recommend this game to players who have challenge spirit.

We found new world, but this land was already occupied with minions.
Drive minions out and occupy a new land.

Fight minions with building towers and bases contering around hero.
If you think it is easy to kill minions, what about destroying colony?

– You can play the game, anywhere ,anytime, even offline,
but contents not saved in cloud are removed, if you delete the game.

– Here are about 20 stages. when you clear a stage, you can get trait points that
make you strengthen.
– You can compete another player with clear time record throght the hall of rank.
– Make your strategy with traits and tech.

– Purchasing in app is never refunded.
– If you are offline, the game is not saved in cloud and you can not challenge the hall stages.

Hall Stage 3-1 has been added.

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