Mr Autofire oyunu

Cover art

The fabric of reality is in shreds and monsters are pouring in! It’s up to you to step up to the plate. Bring your biggest gun and your A game, because you’re the… Defender of Everything!

Rampage through levels and shoot the alien scum in the face. Or behind, your choice. Eventually you’ll get yours kicked. Tough. Sucks to be you. But! With the loot you can find, you can get bigger and badder weapons that’ll leave a string of ruined enemies in their wake! By the end, there will be more bullet than air for everyone to breathe.


Thanks for playing Mr Autofire! What’s new:
– New Hero: Prospero!
– Elemental Castle improvements: Better loot and checkpoints to save progress. Runs now cost energy.
– Gemini Laser damage increased.
– Crafter Perk now increases drops for elemental material as well.
– Stay tuned for the new Bunny Track event!

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