Noch mal! oyunu

Cover art

Players earn points by being the first to check off all boxes in a column, and all boxes of the same color. They must do so by only checking boxes which are connected to other boxes. Make sure to complete columns before other players do! The first to complete a column earns more points than those that complete them later. In addition to points for completed columns a player can receive a bonus if they checked all the boxes of the same color.

✔ Official license
✔ Easy start into the game
✔ Game mode “Solo” for single players
✔ Game mode “Duo” for two players on one device
✔ Auto-Select Dice and Auto-Complete Turn
✔ Using the app as a digital score pad or digital dice
✔ Local leaderboard for solo mode

• Removed splash screen
• Faster start of a new game (stars)
• Optimized audio time hint
• Fixed bug with overlaying stars in result
• Optimized file size
• Added back navigation with device button
• Added adaptive icon
• Update background to support ultra-wide devices
• Fixed layout clipping problem on ultra-wide devices
• Soft keys are hidden now

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