Pango Halloween Memory : Matching game for kids oyunu

It’s Halloween. Pango and his friends go trick or treating at a dark and gloomy mansion. But the mansion is haunted by playful and mischievous ghosts.

Pango has to overcome his fear and enter the mansion to get his candy back.

HELP Pango save the mansion from the prankster ghosts.
EXPLORE different rooms in the mansion: the living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms…
FIND the ghosts hidden among the decor.
Memorize the ghosts’ positions and MATCH the pairs to make them disappear.

The mansion is free of ghosts. Here’s your candy!

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– DIVE right into the HALLOWEEN atmosphere
– EXPLORE over 10 levels
– EXPLORE a different mansion every time
– Test your MEMORY
– Adaptive and progressing difficulty
– MATCH 8 ghosts in the simplest levels
– MATCH 40 ghosts in the most difficult levels
– No stress, no time limit, no competition
– Internal parental controls
– No in-game purchases or invasive advertising

It’s good to be scared!

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