Pango Imaginary Car oyunu

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Design and build your dream car !
You’ve always wanted to build a flying car, a robot tank, or a rolling house…
Thanks to Pango’s Imaginary Car, give total freedom to your creative imagination, it’s easy!

Choose between fifty different objects: a tractor wheel, a fridge, a truck horn, rocket engines …
Combine them and create the car of your dreams. There is no limit to your imagination.
You can also build from existing templates such as a fire truck, helicopter, or a robot submarine …

Once your creation ready, you can play with it, interact PANGO with different objects, change the backgrounds.
It moves, it flies, it rolls … have fun and find out what your imaginary car is capable of.

If you are happy with the result, take a photo and share it with your friends.

– In the soft and colorful world of PANGO
– More than 50 interactive objects
– An unlimited number of combinations
– A simple and clear construction mode
– A dozen models to reproduce
– An Interactive mode to test and play with your car
– 5 different backgrounds
– Take a picture of your imaginary car
– intuitive Interface
– Without integrated advertising or purchase
– For 4 + years

upgrade to API 29

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