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Welcome to the relaxing journey through the spinning galaxies of Polywords. Test your vocabulary with our word game for adults and find your recreation planet. If you like to play words with friends and brain games, Polywords is for you!

A calming atmosphere, pleasant music, meditative rotating moves will help you switch your mind whenever you need it. Polywords is the best combo of word games and relaxing games. It is an ideal solution for your brain training. Play the word games for free now.

How to play the game? As simple as you can imagine.
– rotate the sphere for word search
– when your word hunt is done, place the word horizontally in a line
– collect the points for each word find

Level by level, you will learn all the word search tricks. It is your word connect trip. Of course, with each word collect, you earn points.

No worries if you get stuck in your word trip, you can always use the hints. More points you earn, more hints you can use.

Polywords is not only your relaxation game. It is also one of learning brain games you were searching for. By rolling the sphere you fill in the gaps in quotes of famous artists, writers, philosophers, and other outstanding people. So easy to learn something new every day, right? Forget about an everyday rush. Think about timeless values.

Hundreds of levels, more words, and more quotes are waiting for you. Moreover, for every extra word connect free, you can earn extra points.

Enjoy your mindfulness training in a relaxing atmosphere. Polywords has it all:
– 100+ out-of-space pleasant backgrounds
– various chill music
– meditative rotative moves

Everyone who likes crossword puzzles, word puzzle games, crossword, mind games falls in love with Polywords. It is a crush, a total word crush!

Dip into the universe of calmness with Polywords.

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