Sagrada oyunu

Bring your stained glass masterpiece to dazzling digital life in Sagrada, the dice-drafting board game from Floodgate Games.

Take turns selecting colorful dice and placing them in your gorgeous stained-glass window. The artisan who creates the most beautiful window wins.

Choose your dice carefully!
Find the perfect fit for each piece of your window: restrictions on both the color and number showing on your die make for a puzzling challenge.

Use your tools!
As a master artisan, your tools-of-the-trade will help you shape the dice available.

Please your admirers!
Adapt to the fickle demands of your patrons — while keeping your signature artistic flair — for additional prestige.

Patch 1.4 contains a new way to play Sagrada; Daily Challenge mode!

Daily Challenge is a new single-player mode that allows the Sagrada community to compete against each other on a level playing field. All participating players will use the same window pattern, objectives, and tools to vie for the top score of the day. At the end of each day, top performing players earn gold, silver, or bronze badges based on their position which will decorate their name on future attempts.

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