Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY oyunu

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Reward list:
– Summon Scroll*10
– Level 3 Trainner*50
– Coin*50,000

■ Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY
Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY (Japanese: sin 七つの大罪) is a cross-media production project launched by publisher Hobby Japan in 2012, whose IP content includes manga and animation.

It is a Japanese RPG that continues its animation and original voice actors. The battle scenes and the stories take the nonsensical route of “serious X prank”.

■ Story
The story is about Lucifer, the Fallen angel, who was sent to hell for his sin against the Gods. In the lowest level of hell, the demon kings who rule over hell have sealed Lucifer’s power. Although Lucifer lost everything, she led her demon king Leviathan and girl Juzou Zenriya, as the “Arrogant Demon King Lucifer” started a journey to fight back against the seven demon kings. The story around the “Seven Deadly Sins” thus began.

The main characters of the great sins :
The demon lord of “Pride” : Lucifer
The demon lord of ” Envy ” : Leviathan
The demon lord of ” Wrath ” : Satan
The demon lord of ” Sloth ” : Belphegor
The demon lord of ” Greed ” : Mammon
The demon lord of ” Gluttony ” : Beelzebub
The demon lord of ” Lust ” : Asmodeus

Based on the animation, a new plot is developed, and a large number of original characters are designed by the popular original artists in Japan, adding freshness and topicality to this work.

■ Game Features
【Famous artists Original characters】
We invited many famous Japanese artists from Pixiv and Twitter to create character settings and drawings.

【Animation Voice Actors Original voice presentation】
Invite the original animation and famous voice actors to produce the voices. :原由實、たかはし智秋、藤田茜、戸田めぐみ等。

【Fancy skills, Powerful moves】
Character skills refer to the animation settings, the animation in the battle presents the excitement of the real fights.

【Various storylines Free to choose】
The options that appear in the stories will give different answers according to the character’s personality and may lead to interesting interactions.

【Character cultivation Intimate exploration】
The unique “System of the Sin value” allows you to open and interact with the hidden stories of your characters!

【Exquisite Arts Live 2D】
Uses Live 2D to create exquisite arts , and can be freely set according to the player’s preferences.

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