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Shot Online: Golf Battle is the ultimate free-to-play golf battle game, where you can challenge thousands of rival players around the world.

⛳ Real-time (parallel) golf battle, with no need to wait for other golfers
⛳ Quick matching, amazing golf courses, and extreme club effects!
⛳ In our Survival Mode, challenge top golf players in a clash to become the king of the golf world!

⭐ Real-time (parallel) play: No need to waste time waiting for the opponent to take their shot!
Have you ever wasted your time in golf games waiting for players to take their shot? Now, in Shot Online: Golf Battle, you don’t have to wait anymore, as it is a real-time golf game. You will be quickly matched against the best golfers around the world at any time so that you can enjoy a parallel golf battle!

⭐ Show off your golfing skills to players around the world and become the golf king in our unique Survival Mode
Meet our unique match mode, Survival mode where you can play with 7 other players around the world. Each round will be held with different rules, but you are always welcome to use club skills. Since all the rounds will be elimination rounds, the last survivor gets the biggest and best prizes. With 8 players, the game gets more and more intense, and the different rules for each match will bring excitement to the competition.

⭐ Battle with your clanmates and become the best clan in Shot Online: Golf Battle!
You can make your own clan or join any clans you want in Shot Online: Golf Battle. If you have friends who are good golfers, try inviting them to your clan and clash other players to find out which clan is the best!

⭐ Switch your clubs like a pro depending on each of various types of courses in Shot Online: Golf Battle!
As you know, pro golfers switch their clubs depending on the course, using putter clubs, wood clubs, iron clubs etc. In our game, Shot Online: Golf Battle, you too can switch your clubs like a pro golfer! There are many types of courses available in the game. Upgrade or switch your club skills as you go through the various types of courses in Shot Online: Golf Battle. You can switch your clubs to help you face different obstacles. Each club skill has different uses in the game; however, you can only use skills once per match. Therefore, you must choose wisely when using skills in the game.

⭐ Get plenty of prizes without paying just by being a good golfer in the game!
Win prizes from your plays and unlock many types of clubs and balls that will help improve your playing. By playing 1v1 games, you can get cases and coins as winning prizes. Inside the cases, there will be coins, gems, club cards that you can use to upgrade your clubs. As you upgrade or get new types of clubs, you will be able to use new skills which improve the quality of your play.

▣ Notice on Access Permissions
The following permissions are required for proper use of the SOGB App upon installing the game.

[Mandatory Permissions]
– External Storage : Access to the Storage Space is required when using the customer service center.

[Optional Permissions]
– Camera : Camera permission is required when using the customer service center.

[How to Revoke Access Permissions]
– Android 6.0 and above : Settings > Apps > Shot Online: Golf Battle > Permissions > Reset Access Permissions
– below Android 6.0 : Upgrade the OS to revoke permissions or delete the App

A network connection is required to play this game.
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Version 1.1.8
Here is new update for SOGB!

– New Tour 10 has Opened !
– Other bug fixes

For more information, please visit to notice on the website.

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