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Skip-Bo™ is a quick, fun, and competitive card game for all solitaire, rummy, or card players. The official Skip-Bo™ game is now on mobile! Travel through different adventures to level up your strategic skills. Train your brain, keep your mind active! Skip-Bo™ is the most competitive and strategic take on Solitaire yet!

Get hooked on Skip-Bo™
Are you a fan of free online card games? Are you a Skip-Bo™ or new to Skip-Bo™? Pick the type of Skip-Bo™ player and we’ll guide you through your fun adventure! It’s easy but gets difficult quickly! Solve every satisfying puzzle in a new solitaire variation. Just stack cards in sequence and clear the level!

Classic for a reason
The fan-favorite Skip-Bo™ loved by millions of friends and family is here to stay! Now you can play the official Skip-Bo game just the way you remembered!

Play and explore
There are hundreds of levels just waiting to be beat! Explore a richly illustrated world just outside a village.

Customized adventure
Whether you’re a solitaire or rummy player, loyal Skip-Bo™ player or just need a refresher, we have different levels for everyone! We constantly add new levels to continuously challenge your card skills in this strategic card game.

Download and play today! Skip-Bo™ is the official mobile game. The original classic card game now officially here to bring you the best strategic card mobile game that can be enjoyed by anybody, anywhere, and anytime. You can be social even without leaving home! Play Skip-Bo™ with friends or family, this is a card game for every occasion.

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Introducing the 4th new map to Skip-Bo adventure! Take on new challenges!

– Now you can maximize your rewards with the Star Pass! Buy the Star Pass on each new map and unlock more chests for every star!

– Adventure mode now has C-C-C-COMBOS! Play cards into the stock piles without drawing any new ones to increase your combo-streak! The higher your streak, the more points you can win!

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