Sunrise Village oyunu

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Longing for a new adventure?
It’s time to discover the Sunrise Village!

Explore a peaceful village surrounded by nature. Help your grandfather with handling a farm. Meet friendly villagers. Dive into exciting mysteries along your way.
Start the adventure now!


Be curious – Explore a mysterious World full of Adventures!

Do it yourself – Build your own Village!

Meet the villagers – Become Friends & Discover their Stories!

Make your farm flourish – Gather Resources & Produce Goods!

Play smart – Complete daily Quests for your Villagers and uncover the mystery of the stone monument!

Sunrise Village is free to download and install. A network connection is required.

General Terms and Conditions:

Welcome to our Spring Jubilee!

– We have a truckload of exciting new rewards for you! A new grand prize, exclusive decorations, and a bunch of limited production buildings.

– Get a level 1 Jubilee Falls right from the beginning!

– Complete quests to receive baskets, and use them to collect decorated eggs to make progress towards the coveted grand prize.

A new stage is being introduced with this update: The Temple of Ard!

Thank you for playing!

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