Sword Master Story oyunu

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[Limited Time: 4/28~5/25]

DanMachi X Sword Master Story collaboration!
(Original title: ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか?)

Let’s meet the special guests, Bell, Hestia, and their colleagues from the Dungeon City ‘Orario’!
Would you like to join the Hestia Familia’s mischievous adventures in ‘Elgrad’?

[Collab #1] 3 New Characters from DanMachi!
▶Bell & Hestia will appear as one character! Come meet the ‘Swordswoman’ Ais and the ‘Elf Adventurer’ Ryu!

[Collab #2] 2 New Costumes!
▶ Ymir of the Sword Master Story transforms into the goddess “Freya”, and Ares into the blacksmith ‘Welf’?!

[Collab #3] A New Collaboration Dungeon!
▶ An unavoidable battle with the enemy, the Minotaur! Huge rewards await!

You, the one and only Sword Master in this world, fight for peace after the betrayal of the empire.
Gather allies to help you and join forces for endless adventures and battles!

With a really fast attack and brilliant skills given by the Dual Blade, Enjoy an action RPG that never gets boring!

■ Hack & Slash

• Double the pleasure and fun thanks to brilliant skill animations!
• Exciting Action RPG that can be enjoyed even in idle mode!
• A fantastic combination of attractive illustrations and unique pixel graphics!

■ Adventure and Story

• Gather the goddesses as companions to participate in endless battles and earn rewards!
• If you clear stages faster, you can get better rewards!
• Discover the hidden truth through a new story every 10 stages.

■ Character Collection RPG

• Summon 40 unique heroes from mythology and legendary equipment.
• Strategically deploy heroes of 4 different classes and 5 different attributes to win the battle!
• The more characters you collect, the more the Buff will go up! Complete your character collection!

■ Growth and equipment

• Characters can become stronger through ‘Level Up’, ‘Rebirth’, and ‘Transcendence’!
• With a variety of costumes, they not only look more glamorous, but their abilities will also go UP!
• Acquire more than 50 types of weapons and armor, and explode your potential with ‘ Reinforcement ‘ and ‘Transcendence’!
• Open the ‘Ideal Stone’ to increase the additional stats and ‘Magic Resistance’ of all characters!

■ Guild System

• Protect your territory from outside forces with your guild members!
• Clear the Guild Dungeon and challenge the Guild to a higher level!

■ Various contents

• Explore “Endless Dungeons”, such as the Dark Dragon, Dark Lord’s Tower and the Gold Dungeon, that will stimulate infinite growth and challenges!
• Catch the strongest boss with Sword Masters from all over the world in “Boss Raid”!
• Challenge other users in ‘Global PVP’ and become a true Sword Master in another world!
• Once a week, go to the “Demon Tower” to rescue Cain! Don’t forget to take a break in the ‘Spa’!

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in Elgrad?
Hestia, the goddess of Orario, and her favorite Bell Cranell are coming to Elgrad!
It is said that you can meet the elf warrior Ryu Lion, the swordsman Ais, and Welf in Sword Master Story~
Not only that, you can also meet Freya, the beautiful goddess of beauty!
Let’s go to Elgrad to get the 5-star invocation ticket issued to commemorate the DanMachi collaboration!

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