True Wishes oyunu

True shares her wonderful Wishes with you! Join True in playing bright, fun-filled activities!

The Rainbow Kingdom awaits! True welcomes you to the Rainbow Kingdom, and needs your help! Choose any of True’s seven wish friends and tap, swipe, stack and steer them in a variety of free play experiences. Use their wonderful, quirky wish powers to join in on the fun and help the many citizens of Rainbow Kingdom.

Featuring wishes from the show, each activity is unique and supports critical thinking skills, virtual play, and fun challenges built for preschool audiences. The activities help kids explore their own imaginations and build skills at the same time. Kids will fulfill their wildest Wish dreams alongside True, and enter a world of wonder and adventure around every corner in The Rainbow Kingdom!

– Unique play experience for each activity
– Learn about each of the Wishes and what they can do
– Open play experience with free-form interaction
– Explore the quirky and fun characters of the series
– Befriend citizens of the Rainbow Kingdom by helping them
– Build critical thinking skills with each activity
– No in-app purchasing or ads

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