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Watch Pet gives you the chance to meet and own various fur babies with unique personalities. Adopt your virtual fur baby and add some fun to your life with Watch Pet, an addicting animal adoption game!

Raise a pet and create special memories. This addicting game lets you take care of your pets anytime, anywhere! No wifi needed to play.

Pet life includes training, taking care of your digital pet companions and increasing your trainer level. Each virtual pet can be unlocked at the pet shop when you hit a different trainer levels! Virtual pets are the perfect way to destress and unwind.

Download Watch Pet today and pick your own pet, or collect them all and grow a fun, loving family. When it comes to virtual pets, the more, the merrier!


Virtual Pet Shop
– Fur babies to choose from! Choose from a wide variety of virtual pets in this animal care game
– Digital pet paradise! Unlock more fur babies as you increase your trainer level
– Raise a pet: adopt and name your virtual pet companions
– Grow a fun, loving tiny pets family full of cute animals

Pet Care Games:
– Raise a pet and take care of your virtual pet’s basic needs – give them food and water
– Happy pets, happy family! Have fun and play with your virtual pets to show them your love
– Pet life and care: Track your pet’s feelings & health stats and keep them happy
– Addicting games meet pet care – a virtual space to play and take care of your pets

Play Anytime, Anywhere
– Widget Pet: Add your pet as a widget on your home screen
– Watchpet tracker: Track their status meters without opening the app
– Play online or without WiFi

Animal care games with a unique pet story – download and start caring for your virtual pet today!

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In this new and exciting update for Watch Pet you can now play games with your pets!
– Added the fun new Slap n Chase minigame: Help your pet catch colorful toys, but watch out for the spiky hazards!
– Added the exciting Treat Catcher minigame: Help your pet catch the falling tasty treats! Watch out for any falling toys, if your head gets bonked you can’t catch treats for a little while!
– Complete these minigames to earn bonus XP for your lovely pets!

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