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How many words will you find in our relaxing word game Word Search Unlimited?

There are hundreds of word search games where you must find a given list of words but in our game Word Search Unlimited there is not such a list – simply find as many words as you can and try to make it into TOP20 highscores!

Word Search Unlimited is an original word search game with 2 game modes (relax and timed), 3 sizes to choose from, global leaderboards (compare your score with points of other people all around the world) and more than 500 000 English words included!

Word Search Unlimited has no ads, no In-App purchases and can be played offline!


* Relaxing word search game for all ages
* 2 game modes – Relax and Timed
* 3 sizes to choose from – small, medium and big
* More than 500 000 English words included
* No ads and no in-app purchases
* You can save your progress and continue playing later
* Play offline – you can play the game without internet
* Global leaderboards included – compare your score with points of other people from all around the world
* Improve your English spelling and typing skills while playing


The game is very simple to play! Try to find as many English words as you can from the provided letters. Just put your finger on any letter and move your finger to the neighboring letters horizontally, vertically or diagonally to select a word. Release your finger to submit the word (For your help there will be shown a green tick next to your created word if the word exists).
✓ Each word must have 3-10 letters
✓ Each letter has its own points! Create longer words for even more points!
✓ At the end of each game you can submit your score to a global highscores table and see points of other people!
✓ You can also submit your overall score (score of all games you played) in the main menu (bottom part of the screen).
✓ You can also change colors of you game


* Relax – no time limit, play as long as you want and to end the game game press END GAME button in the bottom right corner!
* Timed – you have 180 seconds to find as many words you can!

Have a nice time playing Word Search Unlimited and if you like the game please support it by rating the game or leaving some comment, thank you!

* Support of Android API 29
* Removed unnecessary permissions
* Better performance

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