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Take control of your financial future!
Start feeling confident when it comes to savings, budgeting, and money management through game-based learning! The Finance game was created by a teacher and uses proven methods to improve your financial skills.

Finance Game – Improve your financial literacy
Write your own financial story; Discover how to leave your parent’s house, choose a career, and adapt to real-life situations as you learn how to budget for life along the way. Learn more about student loans, savings, and career paths. Answer life’s most important finance questions learning through play.

Finance Education
Practice the world’s most effective budgeting method (Zero-sum) in environments tailored to your financial situation. Improve your financial literacy through an evidence based finance game.

Financial Independence
Our Mission is to improve the financial literacy of young adults through a game-based learning experience. It can be overwhelming to choose a career path, take out a student loan, or adapt to unexpected life events. In a finance game, you can create a financial simulation to prepare you for life!

Money Management Finance Class
Experience Money education in a game-based finance class! Take control of your future. The finance game is a hand-drawn, visual-novel personal finance simulation game for young adults that teaches financial literacy skills in an intuitive, evidence-based way.

Great features to Improve Financial Literacy – Finance Game:

Discover Top Careers
✔️ Path to your financial independence – learn top-earning careers available with a high school diploma, trade certificate, or university degree.
✔️ Financial simulation – simulate a multitude of future lives through trying out different career paths & multiple branching playthroughs.
✔️ Live something you wouldn’t see in any finance classes – what would your life look like as an Engineer? City Worker? Teacher? Simulate your life through a finance game!

Explore a Hand-Drawn Comic Book World
✔️ Jump in and out of different panels & environments.
✔️ Rich branching dialogue trees & storylines; no two stories are ever the same!
✔️ Experience real-life difficulties and receive ideas on how to overcome them.

Adapt to Real Life Financial Situations
✔️ Experience an engaging real-world personal finance simulation.
✔️ Learn practical money skills through adapting to unexpected life events.
✔️ How will you manage pipes bursting, food spoiling, or last-minute concert ticket purchases?

Evidence-Based Design Improves your Money Management Skills
✔️ Finance classes in your pocket!
✔️ Finance Game – Improve your financial literacy
✔️ Money education – Designed with the latest game-based learning research in mind to help you learn through play.

Proven to Improve your Financial Skills through Game-Based Learning
✔️ Learn through game mechanics that transfer learning more effectively than traditional paper & pencil learning methods.
✔️ Finance education will positively impact your everyday life. Use this game as a fun and efficient method of learning.
✔️ Building a proper savings strategy is the first step to financial independence.

Write down your financial story, take control of your financial future!

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